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!! OMG, follow the rainbow: ‘LEPRECHAUN: Origins’ Starring WWE’s Hornswoggle Releases First Trailer !!

We saw a brief teaser for Leprechaun: Origins a couple of months back, but the first official full-length trailer for the film which stars WWE wrestler Hornswoggle has finally arrived!

Two young couples who, while backpacking through the Irish countryside, “quickly discover the idyllic land is not what it appears to be be when [a] town’s residents offer the hikers an old cabin at the edge of the woods. Soon, the friends will find that one of Ireland’s most famous legends is a terrifying reality.

Check out the trailer for the Irish bloodbath below! Will you be check it out once it hits theatres on August 26th?

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!! OMG, 2 fangs, one pot of gold: LEPRECHAUN director re-teaming with Warwick Davis for ‘VAMPRICHAUN’? !!

So, it seems as if hybrid horror is kind of a hot genre in film right now for studios that want to produce ridiculously campy concepts — and make some huge coin doing it! Well, someone followed that gushing rainbow to a pot of gold, and is planning on resurrecting the Leprechaun franchise in the form of VAMPIRICHAUN!
Yes, Binge Watchers podcast spoke with Leprechaun director Mark Jones, and Jones revealed that he’s working on a new Leprechaun-esque film that would reunite him with Leprechaun actor Warwick Davis:

“I stayed very good friends with Warwick. They’re doing the [Leprechaun] reboot without him. And, I said, we should do a new franchise about a vampire who bites a leprechaun. He turns into a little Vamprichaun. Warwick loved the idea and it’s basically a little vampire who bites your ankle instead of your neck and it’s kind of a comedy-horror.”

It’s nice to see that Hollywood recognizes the value in a classic like Leprechaun, — especially because if it weren’t for Leprechaun, actresses like Jennifer Aniston would never have gotten their big break, and we would have nobody to star in romantic comedies with the golden retrievers of today. Are you looking forward to checking out Vampirichaun once it sees the light of day?
[via joblo.com]

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