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!! OMG, God Loves Photoshoots: Fred Phelps’ Granddaughter Rallies Family Together To Pose for ‘NOH8 Campaign’ !!

Screen Shot 2014-06-12 at 11.24.55 AM.png
Libby Phelps, granddaughter of the late Westboro Baptist Church founder Fred Phelps, decided to show the world that hate isn’t genetic and give her dead grandfather something to roll in his grave about by gathering Phelps kin who are no longer part of the hate mongering Westboro Baptist Church and having them pose as a family for the NOH8 Campaign.

“They think that they are the only ones who are going to heaven and if you don’t go to that church you’re going to hell,” she said. “There was a point when we started praying for people to die… I didn’t actually do that but I was around when they did it.”

Libby Phelps quit dat bitch back in 2009 and while Lauren Drain, an ex-member of the group posed for NOH8 last year, Libby is the first member of the Phelps family to pose for the campaign.

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