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!! OMG, floral stimulation: The perfect restaurant for any flower enthusiast !!

Mas Provencal is a restaurant located just outside of Eze Village in southeastern France, though it’s often mistaken for just a big greenhouse.
The restaurant is overgrown with many types of roses, orchids, ivy, glads and other species of flora, and you can even eat the cherry tomatoes and grapes off the vines as they hang around you. Carnivorous and exotic plants cover the passageways and a waterfall covered in fern is part of the decor as well. Their website describes the atmosphere as an:

“experience the unique atmosphere of French elegance and unobtrusive luxury.”

UM, how did they know?! I f*cking LOVE unobtrusive luxury. You should also recommend this place to all your plant-loving vegan and gluten-free friends as their menu includes:

Sweet pig on a spit and succulent veal on coals. For dessert you could enjoy homemade chocolate mousse and apple pie.

Just kidding. It would be like Fear Factor for them. They may have to pick at those cherry tomatoes and grapes. Check out the rest of the photos after the jump!

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