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!! OMG, gossip: Lance Bass has a solo project in the works, and it’s not for an adult website !!

She’s hitting all the high notes: Lance Bass embarks on a solo project [towleroad]
Melissa Joan Hart looks as if she’s been partying with Charlie Sheen [dlisted]
Pippa Middleton and I have the same taste [socialite life]
Lohan needs a Xanax for ‘her fear of little people’ [celebitchy]
Dina Lohan ordered to undergo psycho evaluation [popbytes]
Cher shares the gayest video there ever was [joemygod]
Are you feeling People‘s “Sexiest Man Alive” vibes? [kenneth]
IKEA admits to cooperating with Russian gay purge [queerty]
Disney princesses as Final Fantasy classes [unrealitymag]
Lagerfeld covers Fantasy [ohlala]
Boys and their ‘roids! [boy culture]
Terrifying monsters that aren’t dinsoaurs [double viking]

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