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!! OMG, Woman gets busted with Meth, tells cops that drug is part of her Wiccan religious right !!

Lori Potarf really tried out some Halloween f*ckery with cops this week when she got pulled over for having a busted taillight on her car along with her companion Richard Lee Henderson when they were stopped on U.S. Highway 81 Thursday night. The police found meth on Lori and her friend, and Lori had the gall to claim that the tina was basically the new ‘eye of newt’ by saying it was part of her religious right as a Wiccan!
Both suspects had separate Crown Royal bags(!!!) that contained drug paraphernalia on which there was methamphetamine residue, police said. Cops weren’t having it so they charged her with possessing drugs and drug paraphernalia anyway.
I’d be scared for those cops. Hell hath no fury like a scorned witch on tina. ALSO honourable mention needs to go out to Lori’s sunglass game which is casting a magical spell over me this morning:
[via duncan banner]

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