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!! OMG, listen to this: White Light Mixes 91 – Jokers Of The Scene !!

White Light 91 - Jokers Of The Scene.jpg
The White Light Mixes return with their 91st edition, this time c/o Canadian Techno/Electronic producers The Jokers Of The Scene. Here’s what the boys had to say about their addition to the WL mixes:

Recently we’ve been immersing ourselves in some of the more esoteric movies from our youth. Whether via late night cable TV or multi generational VHS dubs, these are the soundtracks embedded in our subconscious emerging here and inspiring us to complete our debut album. Stay tuned…” – Jokers Of The Scene

Find a stream the mix below, or click HERE to download it in mp3 format.

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!! OMG, haunted downloads: TNUC LIVES Halloween Mix + Electric Adolescence’s Tainted Candy !!

If you’re planning to spend your Halloween at an off-the-highway, smalltown truckstop tittybar, then this mix with a metal/classic rock tinge that samples classic horror films may be just your speed!
Check out TNUC‘s mix below (or view all three of his Halloween mixes here):

OR for even more treats, head over to Electric Adolescence’s Tainted Candy where they’ve just posted 2 macabre mixes for free download your listening pleasure!

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