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!! OMG, Lifetime inks yet another deal with Satan, is set to release a Christmas movie starring Grumpy Cat !!

Lifetime keeps testing the limits of f*ckery and their viewers by seeing just what kind of level of crap they’ll accept as somehow watchable. The answer (SPOILER ALERT) is we’ll watch any old piece of shit just as long as it has Lifetime‘s gorgeous stamp (skid mark?) on it.
Just when you thought that the network’s spot-on “biopic” of Brittany Murphy‘s life, OR Lindsay Lohan as Liz Taylor, OR maybe Gina Gershon doing bumps on the dancefloor in a blonde wig as a drugged-out Donatella Versace was their “bottom of the barrell” moment — Lifetime has decided to make yet another deal with Satan and will release an upcoming Grumpy Cat movie starring the internet’s favourite meme titled “Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever”. I think they may have forgotten the word ‘Movie’ someplace in that title…
Aubrey Plaza from Parks and Rec has been chosen as the one they will sacrifice to the Ruler Of Darkness to spew out Grumpy Cat‘s zingers in exchange for eternal life — some of which you can catch in the trailer below. The movie will premiere 29 November 2014 on Lifetime.

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