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!! OMG, I’ve got eyes in the back of my head: Chinese man grows new nose on forehead !!

image_frankenstein080511 (1).jpg
Wow, — if only Michael Jackson could have lived to have seen this! A Chinese man who suffered severe nasal trauma during a traffic accident last year has grown a new nose on his forehead! The surgeons who grew it say that after 9 months of growth, the nose is finally ready for its transplant. It’s the kind of story that really pulls on your heartstrings!
It always surprises me where people decide to grow their new clone organs. (Personally, I would probably pick lower back, or underarm, but that’s just me!) Also, I LOVE science and everything — but the photo of that shit is just NASTY. So take a look after the jump in case you happen to be eating at your desk while reading this and aren’t into getting the barfs.

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