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!! OMG, gossip: 2015’s ‘Person-of-the-year’, Caitlyn Jenner, posts new photo with family on Father’s Day !!


Like the desert missed the rain! [celebitchy]

Maya Rudolph does her best Rachel Dolezal impression [queerty]

Cyndi Lauper to get a Hollywood Star [joemygod]

Good evening, America! Drew Droege does “Chloe” with FRIENDS [towleroad]

19-year-old British actor Tom Holland will be the new Spiderman [dlisted]

Here’s Matt Bomer shaking his naked tuckus [boy culture]

…and here’s Ian Somerhalder shirtless and sucking on a cold one [socialite life]

Finally! A documentary about your gay lisp is here! [kenneth]

Model Mikkel Jensen for Hugo Boss [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Meet Zac Efron’s butt double !!


Bittersweet: Here’s Zac Efron‘s butt double 🙁 [ohlala]

Beyonce on her vegan diet: ‘It’s important that you know I’m not a vegan’ [celebitchy]

Here’s Ryan Gosling showing off his grandpa dye-job in New Orleans. Still would. [socialite life]

FYI: Kristen Stewart really HATES plastic surgery [dlisted]

Survey says: Most Americans would prefer a sane gay president over an insane Evangelical one [queerty]

Egyptian actress Mona Hala passionately argues for LGBTQ equality [towleroad]

Kenyan newspaper outs leading local gays and lesbians on front page [joemygod]

My outfit for Friday [boy culture]

Who’s showing off their tribal tattoos in a shower, for free drink tickets, on the cover of your free weekly gay rad THIS week!? [kenneth]

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!! OMG, Sir Ian McKellan set to play Cogsworth in live-action ‘Beauty & The Beast’ film !!

It seems as if Gandlaf and Magneto were only the beginning on Sir Ian McKellan‘s long list of iconic fantasy characters he’s set to play in life. McKellan will be playing Cogsworth, the talking clock in the upcoming live-action version of Beauty and The Beast!

If you’ll recall, the talking clock Sir Ian will be playing answers to “Cogsworth” and is the butler of the Beast’s well-staffed mansion. So far, Lumiere, his candlestick sidekick, has yet to be cast, though Emma Thompson will be holding it down as Mrs. Potts. Emma Watson and Dan Stevens are assaying the title characters in the film, which begins shooting later this year.

Apparently Disney is about to live-action EVERYTHING they’ve ever done and have Mulan, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Pinocchio, The Jungle Book, and Pete’s Dragon lined up as their next victims. I could ask the question “Is nothign sacred?!” but we already know the answer to that…
[via i09]

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!! OMG, it’s Igor’s Look Of The Week: This Australian TV Anchor’s gorgeous dick neckline !!

With so many hidden symbols and Illuminati messages being broadcast through our media, it’s important to remember that some people are out there are saturating the airwaves with hidden messages.
Like this Australia news anchor who thought she was being subtle by spreading the good word of DICK! We’re onto her sly (yet chic), hidden message game! And that’s why she’s Igor’s Look Of The Week!

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!! OMG, gossip: Elton John tears a strip off of Dolce & Gabanna for remarks on same-sex marriage parenting !!

WERRK! [dlisted]
Dolce & Gabbana backtrack (a little) on same-sex parenting comments [towleroad]
Things that make you feel old: Taylor Hanson from Hanson turns 32 [socialite life]
Rihanna announced as first woman of colour to be the face of Dior [celebitchy]
If you have yet to find it, RuPaul’s Drag Race Untucked is exclusively now online [popbytes]
Justin Bieber covers Men’s Health Magazine [boy culture]
Aaron Schock doesn’t want anyone to know about his expensive male companion [queerty]
And here’s some model trick named Ryan Marek‘s bum (NSFW) [ohlala]
VIDEO: Live exorcism of the day [joemygod]
Who’s spilling out of their 10 dollar pair of distressed Chinatown bluejeans for a few free drink tickets on the on the cover of your weekly gay rags THIS week!? [kenneth]
The 5 best live-action princesses [unrealitymag]
10 celebs who grew up thinking they were ugly [celeb cafe]

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