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!! OMG, MERRY CHRISTMAS: Bowie and Bing are speechless, and Bryan Adams and PeeWee get irie !!

We haven’t got much to say today over here at OMG Blog, except for MERRY CHRISTMAS! We’re so thankful for every one of you freaks, and we hope that you’ll continue to venture into the male celebrity peen unknown with us in the year that is 2015!
Another couple of folks who haven’t got much to say today, are David Bowie and Bing Crosby (above!) But if you really feel like dancing, then why not join Bryan Adams and PeeWee Herman for a Reggae Christmas below! If you released this video today, Facebook would have exploded and they would have both been burned at the STAKE! Happy Holidays and grab the bong and get irie!

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!! OMG, An 80’s Xmas Throwback: Pee-wee Herman & Bryan Adams’ “Reggae Christmas” Video !!

We love how blindly 80’s this Christmas throwback with Pee-wee Herman and Bryan Adams is.
The clip was shot in MTV studios in NYC, back in 1984 and stars a bunch of the original MTV faces. The dread hats are a nice touch, but we still feel like a true reggae Christmas would be much smokier. Check it out above!

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