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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Pet Shop Boys get ready for the club, get an MK remix treatment !!


As the first single from the UK duo’s upcoming album ‘Super’ and produced by the acclaimed Stuart Price, ‘The Pop Kids’ arrives as a hailed track with 30 years of history behind it. Not any hand could give the track a proper remix treatment, but leave it to MK to deliver.

With MK at the wheel, the original sheds its heavier, 90s-influenced layer for a signature round of Marc Kinchen’s high hat beat, making ‘The Pop Kids’ remix a timeless combination of perspectives from both the Pet Shop Boys and MK.

Check it out below! Thoughts?

[via Mixmag, thanks Kev!]

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!! OMG, Gossip: Kate Moss Gets Sampled For A Saxxy New Disco Track !!

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