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!! OMG, gossip: Pharrell Williams campaigns for Hillary !!


N.E.R.D. is with H.E.R.! So V.O.T.E. [boyculture]

Drake and Taylor Swift are selling the “we’re dating” Kool-Aid and expecting you to drink it [dlisted]

Leah Remini is a SJW (Scientology Justice Warrior) [lainey]

Melania Trump gave another stunning speech which talked about FIGHTING BULLIES – WHAT!? Don’t laugh! Yes, her husband IS Donald Trump… you’re right that IS ironic …Oh, and she plagiarized Marla Maples this time. [celebitchy]

OH FUCK OH SHIT OH FUCK – I don’t wanna fistfight anyone, but the Starbucks Holiday Cups are back! Are they the anti-Christ or what!? [queerty]

Whatever you do, don’t look under your seat: It’s OPRAH”S FAVOURITE THINGS 2016, y’all! [socialite life]

LGBTQ characters are appearing on TV …but then they’re getting killed off! [instinct]

Homocon-scum Milo Yiannopoulos burns Rainbow flag in pro-Trump ad [towleroad]

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!! OMG, serving it in sunshine: Joe Simpson shoots new 20-something boytoy at the beach !!

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 2.55.03 PM.png
Singer Jessica Simpson‘s Papa Joe take his piece for an impromptu sandy photoshoot [boy culture]
Pharrell Williams talks feminism, sexism & putting ladies’ booties in videos [celebitchy]
Shia Labeouf rocks a pair of peddle pushers and UGGs in LA [socialite life]
Olympic Committee defend removal of Vladimir Luxuria, a former Italian MP and noted trans-activist from the Olympic Park [queerty]
Are Miley and Jared Leto an item? [dlisted]
Big Ro‘s plans to come out in 1992 were axed by ‘Cosmo’ editor Helen Gurley Brown [towleroad]
The list you’ve been waiting for: The Top 10 Clay Aiken Singles [celeb cafe]
Elaine Stritch doesn’t give a FU*****K, live on The Today Show [kenneth]
Religious priorities: Muslim leaders akin living on Mars to committing suicide (which is strictly forbidden) [joemygod]
A gallery of modified Thrift Store art [unrealitymag]
Behind the scenes of the Men’s Jockey Underwear shoot [ohlala]
‘The LEGO Movie’ Blooper Reel [popbytes]
5 strange albino animals from around the globe [double viking]

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!! OMG, we’re gonna need more hair chalk: Azealia Banks’ “ATM Jam” featuring Pharrell Video !!

Azealia Banks just released her new video for ATM Jam featuring Pharrell Williams.
This track is giving me an early Neptunes vibe which I’m into, while the video channels 90s Gianni Versace with models all decked out in pink and blue fun fur. They’ve also utilized every special effect that iMovie ’04 had to offer. Have a look above!

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