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!! OMG, you’re PUTIN that where, hon!? The 3D-printed Vladimir Putin and homophobe Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ BUTT PLUGS have arrived !!

We already know that Vladimir Putin is a shitty leader, but this really isn’t going to help his reputation any!
This week, some Canadian genius inventor posted these images of the 3D-printer-created silicone butt plugs he made on Reddit, and if the popularity of his items and the support that he’s received speaks to anything — the man may never have to work a day in his life again!
According to the artist’s website, his works are inspired by politics, are skin safe, and seem to lean in support of gay rights judging by his choice of subjects. (I know what you’re thinking! “This is a total smear campaign!”)
Anyhow — noted homophobe (and fake redneck) Phil Robertson of ‘Duck Dynasty’ fame is up next for butt plug stardom, and you can order these for all of your co-workers’ secret Santa gifts early by checking out his website HERE! Can someone please send one to Putin?

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