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!! OMG, their butts: Jonathan Howard and Christopher Egan in series Dominion’s ‘Pilot’ !!

I have no idea what Dominion is, but it is definitely serving up some Starship Troopers realness with this shower scene. Check out its stars Chris Egan and Jon Howard after the NSFW jump!

[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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!! OMG, she’s pulling it out of the trash: Sarah Silverman’s pilot episode of her failed NBC show ‘Susan 313’ !!

Most of the time you never get to see failed TV pilots. They just disappear forever, and the actors and crew move on. Sarah Silverman however, has just posted her entire unreleased, canned NBC pilot, Susan 313 on her Youtube page. According to Variety:

Silverman says the studio that owned the show, 20th Century Fox, gave her permission to post it. She intros the video by saying she isn’t mad that NBC didn’t pick up the show, but rather admits, “They probably did the right thing.”
Show starred Silverman as a woman who just broke up with her boyfriend and moves back in to her old apartment. It co-starred Tig Notaro, June Diane Raphael and Harris Wittels, and also featured a cameo from Jeff Goldblum.
Produced by 20th and Imagine TV, the show was a very high-profile pilot and was a surprising no-go from the Peacock.

We think it’s cool that Sarah had the guts to put up her failed show’s first episode. She worked hard to make it, so why not share the outcome! Click above to watch the pilot in it’s entirety!

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