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!! OMG, Texan teen’s father throws her $6 Million Quinceañera, hires Nick Jonas and Pitbull to perform !!


I hope you’re enjoying that instant-noodles in a cup, because here’s a story that will make you choke on them.

A Texan teen by the name of Maya Henry‘s parents spent a total of $6 million for her Quinceañera, and hired performers like Pitbull (who cost just under a million) and Nick Jonas (a couple hundred thousand) to sing for their little darling precious angel. 600 people came to celebrate her, and no word yet on whether Pitbull or Jonas put out. Thoughts?

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!! OMG, J.Lo gets dat ass out for new ‘BOOTY’ artwork and teaser feat. Pitbull !!

J.Lo is no fool. She knows dat big ass helped get her famous in the first place, so she’s emphasizing it again and putting and asterix next to it for her forthcoming single “Booty” featuring rapper Pitbull.
The ‘I Luh Ya Papi’ singer poster her album art via her Instagram, and released an album teaser, which you can see below!

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