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!! OMG, education is the shit! Japan creates interactive experience for chilrinz looking to learn about… POOP !!

Japan: Schooled about Stool – Osaka wows faecal-focused learners

Japan: Schooled about Stool – Osaka wows faecal-focused learnersWhile going to the toilet is often flushed aside as a crass topic for children's education, Osaka has warmly embraced the topic of toilet-tutelage, dazzling faeces-focused learners at the ‘Toilet? The exhibition is a faecal roll-coaster ride of stool-related information and attractions, giving guests the opportunity to slide down an over-sized toilet over three metres high, wear faecal-fashioned hats, and learn from singing, interactive toilets. People visiting the museum also get the chance to examine various types of excrement, both human and animal, in all their glorious shapes, sizes and smells.

Posted by CCTVNews on Thursday, August 20, 2015

Everyone poops! Except me. And Kiera Knightley. But children should learn this early-on, so they aren’t shocked late in life! Which is why Japan got all Japan-y and build an interactive experience for kids to learn about bowel movements — including becoming one themselves!

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