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!! OMG, WATCH THIS: Burger King Introduces The ‘PROUD WHOPPER’ To San Francisco, Makes Them Cry N Stuff !!

Burger King‘s PR people wanted to touch people’s souls and not just their bowels when when they released the Proud Whopper and proclaimed on the wrapping that “everything’s the same inside” during San Fransisco’s gay pride celebrations this month.
Their campaign had bitches in their Rainbow Bright rave wigs and pushup bras being brought to TEARS in the establishment! Girlfriend must have been on day 4 of her gay pride festivities!

“A burger has never made me cry before.”

Well honey, you obviously haven’t sat on the toilet for 6 hours after consuming Burger King‘s ANGRY WHOPPER, where your insides will ask to actually leave your body! That was Burger King’s first burger to ever bring me to tears, and I will treasure that moment.
Check out some other reactions including some redneck ones below!

“The meat tasted sweeter… I dunno.”

And what about the gay cows!!!?

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