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!! OMG, exsqueeze me?: Baby named ‘So’Unique Miracle Randle’ first born for 2014 at Texas hospital !!

I know all you bitches have practically been on hunger strike this week awaiting the name of the first born baby from Covenant Health System in Lubbock, Texas. Well, grab a sandwich, we can’t wait any longer, here it is!
The doctors had the honour of welcoming the most ratchet name in history into the world on New Years Day when So’Unique Miracle Randle was born at 12:43 pm. That is definitely the hottest name we’ve heard in a very long time, and congrats to her very creative (and cruel) parents.
So’Unique‘s folks (pictured above) had this to say about their new contribution to the planet:

“”She wanted to make a big-bang entrance, I guess we’ll get her ready for a career in media,” Limon said. “She’s a little diva.”

Nice! Spoken like a true Jenner-Kardashian!
[via elitedaily]

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