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!! OMG, attention Potter fans! You can now rent Daniel Radcliffe’s NYC apartment for $19,000 per month !!


Potter fans can now roll around in the same sheets that Harry uses for a measly (Weasly?!) $19,000 per month! Daniel Radcliffe‘s Soho apartment was bought for $4.3 million and has 2 bedrooms and 2 and a half baths and is 1800 sq ft. and is up for rent! The space has been barely lived in by Daniel, as he apparently he prefers the West Village more, where he has a $5.65 million house too! Check out more photos of the apartment after the jump!


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!! OMG, but is Bob included? Laura Palmer’s House As Seen In ‘Twin Peaks’ Is Up For Sale !!

If any of you sick f*cks have ever dreamed of summoning Bob to the bottom of your bed in your VERY OWN Palmer residence — then here’s your chance to snatch the real deal!

The 4 bedroom and 1.5 baths residence in Everett, WA that was once the fictional home of the Palmers is now for sale. Located at 708 33rd St, Everett, WA, the house was used for its interiors in the David Lynch-directed Twin Peaks pilot and for both interior and exterior scenes in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me. The living room, the dining room, the kitchen, Laura Palmer‘s bedroom,… All there and fairly recognizable. Only the establishing shot you see in the show –the one with the apple tree in the front yard– is the exterior of a house in Monroe, WA.

The asking price is $549,950, if you happen to have it! (Though, we suspect it will fetch much more — likely from a Lynch fanatic in the end.) Check out the rest of the house’s listing photos and comparison stills after the jump (or take a virtual tour with the lovely Laura in the clip below!)

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!! OMG, Million-Dollar Listing: Artist Phil Jones dresses up at Real Estate Agents and switches out their bus stop ads for fakes !!

Artist Phil Jones decided it might be cute to dress up as real estate agents and recreate their bus stop ads — then switch them out for the fake ones.
YASSS! We’re buying what she’s selling. Check out the rest of Phil’s exquisite recreations in a gallery after the jump!

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