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!! OMG, the end of an era! Playboy Magazine says their magazine will no longer include nude women !!


This makes us sad! A recent redesign at Playboy will force it to stop publishing images of naked women! NOOOOOO! Think of all the people out there who’s only dream is to pose for Playboy!

The decision was apparently taken last month at a meeting attended by Playboy founder and current editor-in-chief Hugh Hefner.
Magazine executives admitted that Playboy – which was founded in 1953 – had been overtaken by the changes it pioneered, according to the New York Times.

“That battle has been fought and won,” Playboy chief executive Scott Flanders is quoted as saying by the newspaper.
“You’re now one click away from every sex act imaginable for free. And so it’s just passe at this juncture.”

Gone, too, are the days when interviews with figures of the stature of Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X and Jimmy Carter made Playboy so culturally and politically significant, says the BBC’s Nick Bryant in New York.

Playboy’s website has already banished nudity, partly to give it access to social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. And its popularity has soared, with web traffic quadrupling.

A brand long synonymous with salaciousness is cleaning up its act, and all with the blessing – apparently – of the 89-year-old Mr Hefner, our correspondent adds.

I guess it’s good that Playboy is evolving and changing with the times and won’t end up hanging out with Blockbuster, smoking behind the gas station someplace. But what about PLAYGIRL!? Don’t even get us started…

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!! OMG, this is the remix: The Homoerotic Tom of Finland Redesign Pin-Up Challenge !!

Tom of Smurfland by Alessio Slonimsky (pictured above) is the 6th entry in the Homoerotic Tom of Finland Redesign Pin-Up Challenge that’s going on at gay erotica comics guru Dale Lazarov’s Tumblr over the next couple of weeks:

ATTN: ARTISTS/ILLUSTRATORS/CARTOONISTS OF G+/Tumblr/Facebook/DeviantArt/Twitter/etc:
It’s the Homoerotic Tom of Finland Redesign Pin-Up Challenge! Redesign Tom of Finland characters in whatever comic or cartooning style you like. Or take a character from another comic and redesign him in the style of Tom of Finland! Here are some examples of homoerotic pin-up subjects for this challenge:
— A Tom of Finland leatherman as an Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.!
— Tom of Finland’s Kake as a *Metal Hurlant/Heavy Metal* sexy robot!
— Popeye and Bluto drawn in the style of Tom of Finland!
And so on! Your deadline is Sunday, May 11th, 2014. When you are done with your illustration, send the image to [email protected] along with 1) the name you want me to credit for the illustration, 2) a link to your web-presence if you want me to use one with the Tumblr post, and 3) the name you want me to tag on Facebook (friend me if we’re not FB friends!) and/or G+ if you want me to tag you there as well. I will post Homoerotic Tom of Finland Redesign Pin-Ups on my tumblog and on my other online presences with link and credit as I receive them.

Ooooh this could be good. You could do so many things with that TOF aesthetic! Can’t wait to see what people come up with.

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