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!! OMG, “I play a coked-out lesbian.” Watch a 17 year-old Alicia Silverstone interviewed by a young Jon Stewart (1994) !!

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.46.42 AM.png
Who knew that Alicia Silverstone was such a GRUNGE burnout before she transformed herself to play Cher Horowitz in Clueless!?
Here a 17 year-old Alicia is interviewed by a much younger Jon Stewart (who hits on her) while Alicia opens up about being in an Aerosmith video and about playing a “coked out lesbian” for her next role. Check it out below!


!! OMG, through the fog: Listen to Dark Entries Records 5-Year Anniversary Mix !!

One of the labels best-known for releasing the upper crust of rare dark 80’s underground music, along with contemporary artists that reflect that sound, Dark Entries, has released an incredible mix of punk, cold wave, industrial, acid, and goth and new wave tunes for you to enjoy. Slip on those black fishnets and press play below!


!! OMG, listen to this: Com Truise’s Hour-Long Retro-Futuristic Computer Oddyssey Mix !!

This new mix from retro-futuristic production genius Com Truise (who has paved his way into fast becoming the face of the sound of soundtrack-like computer tunes of yesteryear) will make you want to hop in your 1982 Trans Am, hit the highway and drive all night.
Check out his fantastic hour-long mix which he’s prepared exclusively in anticipation of the Decibel International Festival of Electronic Music Performance, Visual Art and New Media in Seattle, Washington this September below, and find the tracklisting after the jump!

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!! OMG, before man became machine: 18 Years Ago, A Maskless DAFT PUNK Plays Wisconsin And Proves They Truly Are From The Future !!

Everybody’s gotta make a dollar, and big-ups and respect to Daft Punk for pouncing into North America and grabbing those US pop dollars when they know they could, with a little help from their friends Pharrell, Stevie Wonder, and Nile Rodgers!
But before Daft Punk was winning 5 Grammy’s in one night, 18 years ago they were playing one of their first gigs in North America at Even Further out in Wisconsin, proving they were truly from the future and far before their time!
Check out this 30 minute set of a very young and maskless Thomas Bangalter (one-half of Daft Punk) bringing the acid, and dropping some classic Daft tunes like Brainwasher back in 1996 above!