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!! OMG, online retailer withdraws Kim Kardashian West robbery costume after outrage !!


An online retailer has withdrawn a Halloween costume inspired by Kim Kardashian West’s recent robbery in a Paris hotel after an outcry of upset towards the company. ‘The Parisian Heist Robbery Victim Costume Kit’ doesn’t say Kim K‘s name exactly, but it’s definitely in her image, featuring a Kardashian lookalike dressed in a white robe and sporting a giant ring.

Kardashian was tied up by gun-wielding robbers who broke into a hotel flat in the French capital this month, police say.
The robbers made off with jewellery worth about $10m, including a sparkler that she displayed on her Snapchat account before the robbery happened. Thoughts?

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!! OMG, call the po-po: Father-son burglar duo arrested for burglarizing Felicity’s house !!

Felicity Porter‘s Keri Russell‘s Brooklyn home was broken into while she was asleep yesterday at 3 in the morning. The burglars (who are a father-son duo?) stole a laptop, jewelry and a purse.

Police say she then found a window and front door open and her belongings missing. She called 911 but didn’t see the intruders. It wasn’t clear if anyone else was home at the time. Soon after, a 70-year-old neighbour awoke to find a burglar inside and called 911 with a description. Police canvassed the area and arrested a father and son. Some of the stolen property was recovered.

Thank baby Jesus she’s okay. On another note, hopefully they took Keri’s ceramic straightener away as police evidence, and we’ll finally get back to the old curly-Keri we’ve been missing since the 90’s.

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!! OMG, boos & booze: Footage of real-live ghost robbing liquor store in Alabama !!

When the Anniston Police Department in Alabama were alerted to a robbery of a local liquor store last week, they got a ghoulish surprise! After arriving at the scene of the crime, police discovered that the store’s video surveillance camera revealed some paranormal activity!
Thankfully, no one was possessed, slimed, or hurt during the robbery, — though the ghost did make off with a tonne of Skinny Girl Margarita, Rasberry Freezie Rev, and a bunch of Bailey’s Irish Cream. (The police still have yet to capture the entity responsible.)
Lock your liquor cabinets tonight, folks! Say a prayer because this monster is still on the loose!
[via wmbfnews]

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