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!! OMG, listen to this: TR_ST’s ‘Capitol’ gets a summery remix treatment from Black Marble !!


“I teared up when I first heard their re-work of my song,” says Robert Alfons of TR_ST. “It’s feels like that huge rush that creeps in when summer is ending. I think they’ve done something really special here.”

Check out Black Marble‘s remix of ‘Captiol’ below!

[via Blackbook]
[Photo Credit: Fran Allen]

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!! OMG, the beautiful burnout: TRUST’s ‘Capitol’ Video !!

TRUST‘s Robert Alfons has released the video for Capitol off of TRUST‘s second album Joyland.
At first watch, I thought this must most definitely be about a babe who unknowingly snacks on her brother’s pot brownies, and then trips her balls off watching TV by herself in the basement all afternoon while her parents are out! I wasn’t far off:

“For me, the song created its own surreal world of floating dreams and I wanted to capture that feeling in the video. The goal was to achieve a slightly timeless look with vintage-style visual effects created via a combination of practical lighting effects and VFX created in post” says Alfons. Adding that the song is: “Gazing, scenic, living out the fantasy in your head. In flight fascination, and the beautiful burnout.”

Check out the newest video from TRUST above and pick up the new album HERE!

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!! OMG, listen to this: TRUST release “Rescue, Mister” off new ‘Joyland’ album !!

After a 2 year wait, Toronto’s gothic-synth project TRUST return, though this time as the promising solo project of vocalist Robert Alfons.
His first single, “Rescue, Mister” is available to stream below! Alfons says his new album ‘Joyland’ is “an eruption of guts, eels, and joy” and the album is set for a March, 4th 2014 release (via Arts & Crafts). Check it out!

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