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!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘Amazing Race Canada’ contestant Emmett Blois !!


Emmett Blois and his GF Jillian (SPOLIER ALERT!!!!) came in close this week on Amazing Race Canada, but were beat out by Steph and Kirsten. Some of you may remember Emmett, the muscular farmboy from the Big Brother Canada house season 1 – he made his experience a memorable one by giving us this shower slip after the NSFW jump! He’ll always be a winner in our eyes!


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!! OMG, he’s naked: ‘America’s Next Top Model’ contestant Phil Sullivan !!


You wanna be on top!? (But, what if he’s not a bottom!?) Check out Phil Sullivan from Cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model after the NSFW jump! If you’re into penny-farthing and big beards and manbuns and stuff like that, then get ready to have your mind blown!


[[ OMG, there’s more: JUMP IN to read the rest ]]

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