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!! OMG, they’re back! S Club 7 reunites for charity (AND for my 13 year old self) !!

S Club 7 reunited for Children In Need 2014, and if you’re like “Yes, and those children in need were me and my roommate!” then you’re not alone… As soon as we hit play, our thirteen year old little gaylene selves possessed our bodies and we somehow knew all the words again.
Check out their comeback performance below. Okay you have to admit — TINA LOOKS GOOD! And so does Rachel… And the gay one looks exactly the same which is cool and also kind of weird at the same time, cuz well, cuz those highlights were very THEN.

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!! OMG, are the ‘S Club 7’ heading for a reunion tour? !!

S Club 7 are rumoured to be reuniting for the upcoming ‘Children in Need’ telethon televised charity event on November 14. AND YES — S Club 7, the children ARE in need. We are calling for you to return.
Rachel Stevens, Jon Lee, Hannah Spearritt, Jo O’Meara, Tina Barrett, Bradley McIntosh and Paul Cattermole – have entered negotiations about performing together for the first time in 12 years.

The Sun newspaper says: “Jon is busy with theatre, Hannah is working on TV projects and Rachel is a judge on ‘The Voice’ in Ireland. But for the rest of them this is a real second chance to ditch the pub gigs and become stars again.
“The idea is for them to perform a greatest hits medley, including ‘S Club Party’ and ‘Reach’. If the reaction is good a tour will be announced.”

Jon is also apparently busy at the gym, and is no longer just some twink in capri pants:
o-JON-LEE-S-CLUB-570.jpgOh and here’s what Paul’s been up to… he looks like he’s prime-ready for a reunion these days:
Apparently, a new official S Club 7 twitter account just popped up, so it looks like this could be happening… Would you buy tickets to see S Club 7 on their reunion tour?

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