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!! OMG, gossip: Did Prince Harry forget to wrap it up and gets some sluzzah preggo? !!


Not FAIR! [celebitchy]

Sam Smith talks being a ‘skinny minnie’ as Sharon Osbourne might say [boy culture]

Breathe a sigh of relief! Rpatz and FKA twigs are probably fine [socialite life]

What the cluck!? Are Oprah and Gayle teaming up with Chic-Fil-A? [kenneth]

The Quinto shares advice he offers to closeted actors who confide in him [queerty]

Pick your hearts up off the floor! Gus Kenworthy confirms he’s taken [towleroad]

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo will likely play Amy Winehouse in a biopic [dlisted]

Here’s The Hunger Games Wes Chatham getting all smexy for Bello Mag [ohlala]

Surprise! Putin‘s former top aide found dead in DC hotel room… hmmm fishy! [joemygod]

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!! OMG, gossip: Sam Smith by Mariano Vivanco For ‘GQ UK’ !!


Skinnie minnie! [ohlala]

From the UM files: Jewel dated Sean Penn? [celebitchy]

RIP Edwige, queen of Paris punk [boy culture]

One Million Moms VS DORITOSSSSSS [joemygod]

Here’s a shirtless Jamie Dornan in IBIZA [socialite life]

STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING: Prince Harry grew a ginger beard [kenneth]

Right-wing activist’s mysterious death linked to threesome gone wrong [queerty]

Kim Davis‘ ‘gay friend’ has been found and he is not stoked with her [towleroad]

The chick from the V reboot and Ryan from The O.C. are having a behbeh togeths [dlisted]

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!! OMG, ‘Mean Girls’ actor Daniel Franzese spoofs Sam Smith’s ‘Stay With Me’ with ‘Please Go Home’ video !!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 12.27.15 PM.png
Damien from Mean Girls is having another career moment after coming out of the closet this year!
Not only is he rumoured to be appearing on Season 2 of Looking, but he’s taken to Youtube to create his own brand of comedy with spoof videos like this one playing on Sam Smith‘s “Stay With Me” titled “Please Go Home” — an ode to that annoying trick that JUST WON’T LEAVE! Check it out below!

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!! OMG, Miami vices: Sam Smith x Nile Rodgers x Disclosure x Jimmy Napes’ ‘Together’ Video !!

Lyrics videos are all the rage with the kids these days. Probably a safer option that Disclosure opted for one this time, considering the last time they released a video, it was taken down the next day because it’s cast were too mangled off their faces for public consumption.
Check out the brand new Sam Smith, Nile Rodgers, Disclosure, and Jimmy Napes collabo video above!
[thanks Kev!]

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