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!! OMG, let’s get PHYSICAL! Supermodel River Viiperi pumps it up !!

Paris Hilton‘s ex-fuck doll and male supermodel River Viiperi sticks to his workout routine in these very 80’s-esque new photos shot by Taylor Edwards and styled by Gregory Wein. Check out the full set after the jump!

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!! OMG, Princess Aurora no more-ah? Actress Elle Fanning gets to work playing a 90’s trangender teen in NYC !!

Elle Fanning will play a transgender teenager named Ray who’s transitioning from female to male in the upcoming drama “‘Third Generations”.
The film is directed by Gaby Dellal and co-stars Naomi Watts as the trans teen’s single mother Maggie, who is grappling with the major changes in her child’s life. Meanwhile, Susan Sarandon plays Watts’ lesbian mother Dolly, at whose brownstone they’re all living.
This is a huge departure from other roles for Elle who just played Princess Aurora in this year’s Maleficent. Will you be checking out Third Generations?

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