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!! OMG, gossip: Shia LeBeouf strips down for the current issue of ‘Interview Magazine’ !!

Don’t drop the soap [boy culture]
Ariana Grande Chai Oprah One Pump No Whip left Catholicism when she was told God didn’t love her gay brother [celebitchy]
Ryan Kwanten serves up some shirtless and bulging bawdy-awdy-awdy in Oz m8 [socialite life]
Get em while you still can! Toys R Us yanks Breaking Bad toys from shelves after One Million Moms complains [joemygod]
Melanie from the American Queer As Folk is having Bryan Singer’s baby [dlisted]
Connor Walsh does Out Magazine [ohlala]
If at first you don’t succeed, try again: Michael Sam cut from The Dallas Cowboys [kenneth]
It’s ex-gay awareness month. Here’s 5 ex-gays and all the f*ckery they’ve been up to [queerty]
Multiple gunmen involved in the attack on Canadian Parliament [towleroad]
WIN Annie Lennox‘s Nostalgia [popbytes]
10 happy films only a cold heart bitch could hate [unrealitymag]
The Top 10 Oscar de la Renta red carpet looks [celeb cafe]

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