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!! OMG, gossip: Lady Gaga speaks out emotionally on behalf of the Orlando shooting victims !!


#GunReformNow [boy culture]

#TwoMenKissing storms social media in defiance of homophobia [queerty]

Apple CEO Tim Cook condemns Orlando attacks in emotional speech [towleroad]

JetBlue offers free flights to victims’ loved ones [joemygod]

Adele responds to Toni Visconti‘s criticism of her voice ‘Dude, suck my dick.’ [celebitchy]

Lil Wayne had a minor seizure on a flight [dlisted]

A reason to join the mile-high club [http://www.kennethinthe212.com/2016/06/morning-wood_13.html]

Model Aidan Anderson covers OHLALA Volume VII [ohlala]

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!! OMG, WATCH: Anderson Cooper’s emotional tribute to the Orlando LGBTQ shooting victims !!

CNN’s Anderson Cooper wanted to put a human face to the massacre in Orlando, so he read out the names of the individual victims yesterday during his emotional tribute to the victims. One of the most heartbreaking; A mother of 11 who supported her gay son so much that she was out dancing with him at the club when the shooting occurred. Her son survived. Take a look at the rest of his tribute above. #GunReformNow #DiaArmHate

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!! OMG, tack! Urban Outfitters pulls bloody Kent State sweater after upset !!

Urban Outfitters wants to teach the world how to dress in bad taste, and they stuck to that idea while selling a Kent State sweater which was spattered in fake blood.
In May 1970 the Ohio National Guard shot and killed 4 students who were protesting against President Nixon’s military occupation of Cambodia on the university’s campus. According to DAZED, “the sweatshirt was retailing at $129 and has now either sold out or been yanked from stores. It’s now turned up on eBay with a “Buy It Now” price of $2,500.”
This is what happens when you let your unpaid interns come up with ideas for merchandise!

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!! OMG, keep it in your cheeks: Jody Claman of ‘The Real Housewives Of Vancouver’ SUES Mary Zilba Over Comments After Shooting !!

Shit is really hitting the fan over in ole Vancooter Canada, eh!? Not only did OUR MIA get shot up at a gas station over the past weekend and sent to hospital, but now pop chaunteuse Mary Zilba has opened her big cheeks to release a statement saying that Mia is mixed up with some UNSAVOURY TYPES. Now Jody Claman, Mia‘s mother, is suing her ass:

A notice of civil claim alleges that Zilba made defamatory comments to CBC to the effect that Deakin associated herself with criminals or individuals of unsavoury character and that Deakin herself engages in criminal behaviour.
“Further, she made statements to the effect that Ms. Claman knew or ought to have known that Ms. Deakin allegedly associates with criminals.”

The gall! How dare, Mary — Really! I wonder what Ronnie‘s lips have to say about all of this? Here’s a preview of how Jody will act in court:

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!! OMG, WAY HARSH! Mia Deakin, Daughter Of Jody Claman from ‘The Real Housewives Of Vancouver’ Injured In Drive-by Shooting In Vancouver !!

Mia Deakin, daughter of Jody Claman from The Real Housewives Of Vancouver got caught up in some gangster shit on Sunday when she was hit during a drive-by shooting at a gas station in East Vancouver.
Mia and the person she was driving with, a 27-year-old male, were the suspected targets. She remains in hospital in stable condition, though reports are that she took two bullets to the shoulder and back! (Yikes! Thank God they didn’t hit the gas pump!) Mia’s male passenger was also later arrested on an outstanding warrant… so…
Vancouver needs to RUHLAX! With all that good weed, fresh air, mountains, yoga pants, sushi — like…tone down fer a sec! There’s no need to go shooting our precious reality stars. Canada hasn’t got many!
And another thing — I know what you’re thinking! BUT Mary Zilba already has an alibi — She was singing at an opening of a Sears in New Westminister at the time of the shooting. AND she already covered her ass by sending out this well-wishing tweet to Mia, along with that Texan butterfly Robin. Screen Shot 2014-06-10 at 1.44.18 AM.pngThe real person police should be talking to is that gold-digger Christina! I mean with comments like these…
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