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!! OMG, their butts: The 4 hosts of the Youtube travel show ‘High On Life’ !!


Canada has always been a great exporter of back-bacon here on OMG Blog, and the male EDM-bro hosts of the Vancouver-rooted travel show High On Life are no exception. Check out the 4 hosts with first names that scream “Falcon Studios”: Parker Heuser, Alexey Lyakh, Justis Cooper and Ryker Gamble (each born in 1988) after the NSFW jump!


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!! OMG, actress and performer Candis Cayne to appear as a trans woman with breast cancer on NBC’s ‘HEARTBEAT’ !!


You may know Candis Cayne as a voice of reason on E!’s I Am Cait, or if you’re gay and lived in New York City, or frequented Barracuda anytime within the past 15 years — but the iconic trans performer getting back to acting next week on an all-new episode of NBC’s medical drama Heartbeat.

In the episode, titled “Permanent Glitter,” she plays Ava, a trans woman diagnosed with breast cancer. When Dr. Alex Panttiere (Melissa George) recommends an aggressive treatment to save her life, Ava learns that the body she spent a lifetime transitioning into will never be the same.

“The storyline explores the hardships that all cancer patients must face – fear of death and the unknown, and the sometimes crippling uncertainty of what the future holds,” NBC says in a press statement.

“And through the character of Ava, we learn that it’s not a breast, or a scar, or our appearance that defines us, but our inner strength and courage.”

Good for NBC for offering a different perspective in healthcare! Make sure to check out Candis Cayne on Heartbeat, May 4 at 8/7c on NBC.


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!! OMG, WATCH: Zac Efron laps dances and twerks in leather pants for Ellen !!

Television’s most successful lesbian sure knows how to grab the attention of her gay brothers and straight sisters! Ellen put Zefron in some leather pants and basically treated him the way David Letterman would have treated Blake Lively on her show — by objectifying the SHIT out of him! Ellen is truly doing God’s work. Thank you, E.D.

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