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!! OMG, Sienna D’Enema is back! DRAKE’s “Started As A Bottom” Video !!

I’ve always wondered how Sienna D’Enema manages to keep her content online. I guess she’s not doing anything different than a visual artist would: Re-appropriating footage and presenting it in a different context. So when she continues to have the original Jem and The Holograms cartoons dubbed-over, and talking about being a pack of drugged-out, murderous prostitutes, or The Golden Girls fighting over tickets to an orgy so they can all f*ck Burt Reynolds, online for all to see, you can only applaud Sienna‘s deplorable legacy!
Well, Sienna is back with a fresh instalment, this time recreating Drake‘s “Started At The Bottom” into “Started AS A Bottom”. Leave your Logitec speakers at work WAY off, and throw your headphones on, as the clip is definitely NSFW solely due to the language. Enjoy!

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