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!! OMG, here’s Snoop Dogg’s gorgeous artwork he gifted to Martha Stewart !!


The woman who’s been trying to make America great again with pressed sheets and forno ovens since before Gwyneth was even just a sparkle in her parent’s eyes, is as we all know, super tight with Snoop. They’ve both served time, and they both love to wake and bake. In a recent interview, Martha let the world know that she just isn’t here for bloated Oompa Loompa ***nld ***mp and says – she’s def with HER – which is also coincidentally what she said when she was in prison and needed protection on the inside, but that’s a whole other story! Check out Martha’s presidential endorsement below!

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!! OMG, laiiiid back: Watch NBC news anchor Brian Williams rap Snoop Dogg’s ‘Gin N Juice’ !!

NBC news anchor Brian Williams has been given a late-in-life second career as a gangster rapper since Late Night with Jimmy Fallon started cutting together his newcasts to form classic raps and hip-hop duos for the show. Check out Brian’s rendition of the Snoop Dogg classic ‘Gin N’ Juice’ above!

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