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!! OMG, let’s hear it for the boys! That camel-toed PRANCERCISE grandma is back and she’s with some hot piece with a moose-knuckle !!

Joanna Rohrback is the hawt Nonna that brought you Prancercize! Now, she’s branching out and bringing Prancercize to the gennelmenz of the internet by representing them in her latest addition to the web.

This video goes a step beyond my original video “Official Prancercise: A Fitness Workout” exploring the potential of getting fit along with a preferred partner; in a preferred environment; and even alongside preferred animals. A feeling of liberation from the boring and overbearing typical fitness scene ( usually even lacking in self-expression), can be experienced right here in “Official Prancercise┬«Fitness with Passion.” Free your mind from the usual grind!

FREE YOUR MIND! she says! Be careful what you wish for… Check out her latest video below!

[via geekologie]

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