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!! OMG, congratulations! Arcade Fire’s Will Butler & Owen Pallett Nominated For An Oscar !!

Canada’s Owen Pallett and Arcade Fire member Will Butler have won themselves an Academy Award nomination for ‘Best Original Score’ for their work on the film Her. GET IT, HUNTIES!
Pallett (who you may know formerly as Final Fantasy) is a regular collaborator with The Arcade Fire. The pair worked with director Spike Jonze to create the score for the Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams, and Scarlett Johansson-starring film about a lonely writer who develops an unlikely relationship with his newly purchased operating system that’s designed to meet his every need. (It happens to the best of us!)
We’ve got our fingers crossed for the boys, and wish them the best of luck! Other nominees in the category include The Book Thief, Gravity, Philomena, and Saving Mr. Banks. People who weren’t nominated for an Oscar this year include OPRAH.

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