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!! OMG, rollback with Mister Smileyface! Family buys and eats steak from WAL-MART that’s seasoned with LSD !!

I’ve always just assumed that LSD stands for LARGE STEAK DINNER, but I was appalled to hear that a family of four were confused and UPSET (!?) when they gobbled up a steak dinner from Wal-Mart and got a free ride with a side of some California Sunshine and started tripping their balls off.
I mean, thankfully everyone is fine and stuff, BUT… like, also… someone got a steak dinner out of it AND a freebee, — that’s more than I’ve got! Wal-Mart had this to say about the incident:
Pretty sure this just solves the ‘People Of Wal-Martphenomenon. They definitely have been seeing shit that we haven’t — and for a very long time! Wal-Mart’s logo was a giant yellow SMILEYFACE for Godsakes! How could we have been so blind!?

[image via verbicide]

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