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!! OMG, I can haz big top: The ‘ACRO-CATS’ cat circus will soothe your Monday hangover !!

If you’re still nursing your hangover from the pre-St. Patrick’s Day weekend festivities (and trying to forget that you got so drunk that people saw you do your “broke down puppet walk” on the way home), then let Samantha and her CAT CIRCUS dull the pain!
Samantha’s ex-stray, ex-catnip junkie Cat Circus even has a band! The band consists of Oz, Nue, Dakota, Sookie, Tuna, Cluck Norris (a chicken, who is somehow still un-eaten), and even a groundhog that plays a gong! Samantha called the band high maintenance diva bitches while they were RIGHT THERE in the room with her! DRAMA! Anyway, check them out below!

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