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!! OMG, Bangkok Massage Parlours, Cocaine, & that TEMPTRESS Kylie: The many factors that made ‘Street Fighter: The Movie’ so terrible !!

Back when I was 10 years old, there was nothing better than lining up on a Friday night at the cimena for a movie based on one of your favourite video games! I suspect my discerning tastes at the time probably made an exception for the lack of quality, but some were definitely better than others…
There was one video game franchise movie in particular that was seen as a major letdown for game fans, and that was 1994’s Street Fighter: The Movie!
Director Stephen de Souza wrote a piece recently about some of the nightmarish vibes he faced while prepping for the film, along with some of the trouble (and plain bad luck) he faced with some the cast! According the AVClub:

The director had to deal not only with interference from Street Fighter‘s development studio, Capcom (which had never produced a movie before), but he also contended with rushed stunt schedules, a cancer-stricken Raul Julia, cast members who became addicted to Bangkok massage parlors, and a Jean-Claude Van Damme who was hooked on cocaine and having sex with Kylie Minogue.

Jean Claude is always good for a 6:30am booty call, cuz he’s still up from the night before usually… so with the hours they keep on set, I don’t blame Kylie for hittin’ it. I would have done the same.
Also, is CAPCOM planning on re-doing this mess yet? Because if so, I came across this picture and I think she might be good for the part of M.Bison:
[via the AVClub]

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