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!! OMG, actually part of your world, PART 2: This ‘Little Mermaid’ Full Chest Tattoo !!

Some poor unfortunate soul‘s nipples must be stinging after getting this elaborate and very colourful homage to Disney‘s The Little Mermaid on his chest!
This is great, but someone should do one of Chris Villain AS Ariel just to one up it! Then you’d really WOW people!

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!! OMG, Good-God-Girl-Get-A…tattoo?: Fan gets tattoo in honour of RuPaul’s Drag Race alumn Latrice Royale !!

We love us some Latrice Royale AKA “Drag Oprah”. We would almost go as far to say that she’s our favourite from the entire series of RPDR. What’s not to like? She’s down-to-Earth, has been through some shit, and she doesn’t have an ego on her. She brings the love vibes!
A fan of her’s obviously felt the same way (and maybe a little more) recently when they had a Latrice quote tattooed directly onto their body, for all of eternity. Which RuPaul‘s Drag Race contestant would you be first to quote on your body? Tammie Brown? Yessica Wild?

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