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!! OMG, tea time! The ‘Scrote’n’Tote: The Satchel of Life’ backpack is (almost) here to finally give you a pair! !!


Scrote’n’Tote: The Satchel of Life, created by artist Daniel Bitton who received attention online after being spotted wearing his creation caused thousands to show interest in owning a pair (er) bag of their own!

Now Bitton is looking to raise $33,000 via Indiegogo to fund production of the testicular pack, and he created this odd and creepy video to convince anyone with the cash to burn to donate to his cause.

Unfortunately, this realistic look costs nearly $1,000 to produce per bag, so Bitton is trying to raise the cash to find a cheaper way to manufacture the bags. If he accomplishes that feat, the bags will sell for $120 each, but campaign backers who donate $10 now will be able to purchase one for $69. Or if you’re really feeling confident, you can just donate the full $69 today. The bags are available in ebony and ivory.

Check out his promo video below!

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