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!! OMG, a meeting of the icons: Vincent Price and Elvira guest on The Tonight Show (1984) !!

We spent the weekend pulling together our costume, and it reminded us how great some of the classic Halloween moments are. The nostalgia is the best part!
If you’ve got a few minutes to spare, check out the king of horror Vincent Price appearing on a 1984 Halloween episode of The Tonight Show with David Brenner. The episode also features an appearance by camp and horror icon Elvira, Mistress Of The Dark.
Vincent has the eagerness and energy of an excited child while reciting classic Halloween tales, and Elvira brings the camp with some naughty sexual overtones. The rest is magic! What are some of your nostalgic Halloween memories?

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!! OMG, good news: No Viagra for Larry King !!

Larry King may be retired from his main gig at CNN, but don’t think for a hot minute that this 77-year-old is taking it easy. He’s ready to cough rise to any occasion. King told Jay Leno on Monday’s Tonight Show that he conceived his 10-year-old son without the help of Viagra. So there’s hope after all! Jump to 2:00 to hear King brag about his…powers.

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