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!! OMG, gossip: Madonna gets banned from The Alamo Drafthouse for texting during screening !!

Madonna gets banned for life from The Alamo Drafthouse after acting like Brenda from Scary Movie at a screening of 12 Years A Slave [dlisted]
But, aren’t ex-Playboy Playmates relatable?: Stay-at-home mums aren’t feelin’ Jenny McCarthy on The View [celebitchy]
Miley offered $1 Million bucks to direct porn [popbytes]
An Amish awakening at SUBWAY [boy culture]
“Hey ladies, can I see a show of hands for who likes to date in here?”: Sarah Palin‘s stand up comedy sideshow [joemygod]
Squidgey face babe Zefron enjoys a night out with his brow-twin [socialite life]
Oprah‘s favourite Gay Indian Prince, ya’ll! You’re all going home with one today [kenneth]
Jiggly Caliente does the NYC BowieBall [queerty]
Hugh Jackman raises a whole lotta money for charity! Good on ya m8! [evil beet]
Is The Wire coming back, and via Netflix? [all hip hop]
Grab the kleenex box and give me like 10 minutes here: Gay Marriage Proposal of the day [towleroad]
B&W pretty boys do Horse Magazine [ohlala]
Badass Jacko-lantern ideas [double viking]

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