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!! OMG, Killah beez and Doot doo! Nardwaur The Human Serviette Interviews The Wu-Tang Clan !!

Before the term “trolling” was invented — before kids who were born in the 90’s were even a thought in their parent’s nutsack — there was NARDWAUR: The Human Serviette!
This Canadian legend has been interviewing rock gods for decades and is an eccentric little riddler who comes bearing gifts, specific to you which are often rare and unattainable. But you wouldn’t want to upset him either — because homeboy tends to have a way of knowing things about you and your career that could sway the conversation in a southward if it has to. Oh, it’s always an entertaining ride with Nardwaur!
Check out Nardwaur’s recent interview with The Wu-Tang Clan

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