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!! OMG, what in ‘Jeremy Renner meets One Direction on a Sandals resort scuba diving excursion’ Hell is going on here… !!

Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 11.13.39 AM.png
Here’s the first image from the new remake of the 1960’s show THUNDERBIRDS, which apparently stars One Direction and Jeremy Renner (it doesn’t, they’ve just borrowed their likeness). I dunno about this whole CGI vibe. Wasn’t the wooden puppet ridiculousness the whole EVERYTHING this show had going for it? Or was it the gripping storyline? I forget.
Anyway, we can still thank Thunderbirds for masterpieces like Team America, and apparently Rosamund Pike will voice Lady Penelope and original cast member David Graham will reprise his role as Parker. Will you and your kids be checking it out?

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