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!! OMG, Zac Efron and The Rock LOVE PINK in the latest set pics from the BAYWATCH movie !!


Masc4Masc! [socialite life]

Former Scientologist who audited Tom Cruise‘s kids, details horror and abuse after coming out as a lesbian [celebitchy]

RIP Toronto’s former-crack smoking mayor Rob Ford [boy culture]

Marvel and Disney will pull out of production if Georgia passes anti-gay bill [queerty]

Britain’s NHS blasted for barebacking backtracking on promise to make PrEP available [towleroad]

Things you can’t be mad at: When Henry Cavill accidentally pisses on you [dlisted]

North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory signs bill legalizing anti-LGBT discrimination statewide [joemygod]

Welcome to TALLYWACKERS, the male equivalent of HOOTERS [kenneth]

Here’s Parry Glasspool (who plays Harry Thompson) looking good in Channel 4’s Hollyoaks [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Is Tommy Girl leaving Scientology? !!


Sells estate near headquarters [dlisted]

Prince William says he’s always been embarrassed by his father [celebitchy]

Those Sean Cody boys are baaaaad! Mario Romo charged in murder of sugar daddy [towleroad]

TEXAS: Christian woman claims she used God’s word to divert tornado towards her neighbour – that’s some proper Wizard of OZ type shit! [joemygod]

James Franco releases book of poetry titled Straight James / Gay James [socialite life]

Robert Spitzer, psychiatrist who said homosexuality wasn’t a mental disorder, dies at 83 [kenneth]

Women react to discovering their boyfriends are gay [queerty]

That Bryan Hawn dude with the big ass should really change his name to Bryan HORNED after watching all his videos [boyculture]

Some model side-ass from FLAUNT Magazine‘s latest [ohlala]

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!! OMG, gossip: Frances McDormand says “Botox and plastic surgery erase the road map of life.” !!

Frances McDormand: “Botox and plastic surgery erase the road map of life.” [celebitchy]
Watch Jake Gyllenhaal talk about his adorable childhood Halloween [socialite life]
Matt Bomer heads to American Horror Story: Freakshow [ohlala]
Tom Ford says half of his college friends died of AIDS before 1990 [queerty]
Tom Cruise and Blohan might be mixing their crazy together as a “couple” [boy culture]
WATCH: Starbucks‘ first LGBTQ commercial starring RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni and directed by Mark Kenneth Woods [kenneth]
Gay texas teen lured by “friends” to a park and then beaten in anti-gay attack[towleroad]
Drug-addled Christian zealot beheads teen for practicing witchcraft [joemygod]
Two jerks have been picking on poor Bruce Jenner on the golf course! The guy has to live with the Kardashians. He’s been through enough! [dlisted]
Sinead returns with new album and tour [popbytes]
Is Halloween the best horror-themed movie franchise ever? [unrealitymag]
The top 10 crappiest Halloween costumes [celeb cafe]

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