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!! OMG, gossip: Dustin Lance Black and Tom Daley spread some homosexual PDA on the cover OUT’s ‘Love Issue’ !!

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka better watch it, cuz these two are out to SNATCH that ‘Palatable, white, gay Hollywood male couple in wacky patterns’ crown! [kenneth]

Hilary Duff on bare-boning some dude she’s not married to in order to have a bastard child out of the Lord’s sacred wedlock: ‘‘I don’t feel I would need to be married to have another child’ [celebitchy]

Noted rapist, Bill Cosby, has finally been arrested, but was then released on $1 Million dollar bail [boy culture]

..oh, if it wasn’t already terrible enough, he allegedly raped a gay woman once too [queerty]

Obama chats with Jerry Seinfeld in a car [joemygod]

Make-up artist Jeremy Renner is divorced and back on the market! [dlisted]

First, been cursed with the Kardashians as family, now THIS: Rob Kardashian has diabeetus [socialite life]

Is PrEP enough? A new drug resistant super gonorrhea may become untreatable officials warm [towleroad]

Planet Jakku chicness is in, now that STAR WARS is out! [ohlala]

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!! OMG, Tom Daley strips down and transforms into a Shark !!

…ehem…for Sea World unfortunately. Funded by EEEEEVVVILL!

British diver Tom Daley stripped down and was transformed into a shark in an effort to raise awareness about the dangers that sharks face in the wild, but his partnership with Sea World is resulting in some backlash.

Uh, Tom should burn his speedo in protest of animal cruelty! Let’s start the Facebook petition!

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!! OMG, gossip: Lindsay Lohan is suing ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ for using her likeness !!

Judge throws out case as white baggy, Terry Richardson, and stolen furs missing from character drawings [popbytes]
Demi and Miley made me smoke pot” – Joe Jonas [celebitchy]
Olympic diver Tom Daley comes out [kenneth]
Tom Daley endures homphobia via Twitter after coming out [towleroad]
The 50 Shades Of Grey movie will be getting an NC-17 version [dlisted]
Posh and Becks cover Parisian Vogue [ohlala]
Former X-Factor contestant filmed being tortured by anti-gay Russian Neo Nazis [queerty]
Debbie Reynolds fights AIDS [boy culture]
Remembering Paul Walker [joemygod]
Princess Amidala hit the shops on Black Friday [socialite life]
If Disney Princess‘ worked at Brazzers [unrealitymag]
Weird shit that happens to humans in space [double viking]

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