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!! OMG, gossip: Pentagon to end trans service ban in May 2016 !!

Screen Shot 2015-08-26 at 11.15.34 AM

YAY! [joemygod]

Did Joe Biden‘s hot son Hunter Biden have a secret Ashley Madison account? [celebitchy]

Donald Trump‘s drag makeover is very Lady Bunny [towleroad]

So wut!? Who cayres! Joy Behar and Candace Cameron Bure join the view [dlisted]

Rafael Nadal takes it all off for Tommy Hilfiger underwear [socialite life]

U.N. told that at least 30 people have been murdered by the Islamic State for “sodomy” [kenneth]

Educate yo’self! WATCH: A hot spanish guy put a condom on the right way (NSFW) [boy culture]

Fun Facts about male prostitution through the ages [queerty]

Here’s some hot ginger model piece showing off his firecrotch (NSFW) [ohlala]

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!! OMG, presenting HER true self… CAITLYN JENNER !!


We love that she’s stealing the spotlight from Kim’s pregnancy! Here’s something actually worth celebrating.

Bruce Jenner spoke of a gender transition this year and opened up to Diane Swayer, and now has debuted Caitlyn Jenner, (WITH A C – NOT A K!). Check out Vanity Fair’s cover story about the trans spokesperson and pioneer below!

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!! OMG, artist Signe Pierce’s ‘American Reflexxx’ will show you just how horrifying transphobia in North America still is today !!

Not everything at Art Basel Miami is “pretentious high art”! Check out artist Signe Pierce‘s piece which debuted at the fair, and showcased just how terrifying people and their lynch mob mentality can be towards differences in the “other”, whether it be race, sexuality, or in this case gender — and this horrifying, unbelievable case of transphobia, inhumanity and ignorance.

American Reflexxx is a short film documenting a social experiment that took place in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Director Alli Coates captured performance artist Signe Pierce as she strutted down a busy oceanside street in stripper garb and a reflective mask. The pair agreed not to communicate until the experiment was completed, but never anticipated the horror that would unfold in under an hour.
The result is a heart wrenching technicolor spectacle that raises questions about gender stereotypes, mob mentality, and violence in America.


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!! OMG, already upstaging Kim: Is this Bruce Jenner’s new look? !!

We’re looking forward to the possibility of Bruce Jenner blowing the lid off the Kardashian circus and coming forward with the fact that he identifies as trans on Diane Swayer this week. Could there finally something interesting out of that household worth talking about?
The Daily News‘ cover claims this is Bruce in a full length dress this week, and if so – Kim better watch out! Bruce is about to snatch that media crown like a pterodactyl!

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!! OMG, here’s the Trans hunk aiming for a ‘Men’s Health’ Cover !!

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 9.52.34 AM.png
Trans bodybuilder Aydian Dowling could be Men’s Health‘s new cover model [towleroad]
Here’s RPatz getting freakay with his dancemoves at Coachella [celebitchy]
Cocaine is a hell of a drug: Watch Justin Bieber lipsync on webcam to Carly Rae Jepsen‘s ‘I Really Like You’ [socialite life]
Shia LaBeouf‘s ragggedy-ass rat tail makes its return [dlisted]
Bill Maher says Obama needs to flaunt all that he’s done before the upcoming election, (just like the Republicans would!) [joemygod]
Olivia Munn will play Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse [zombietoenailz]
Here’s the poster for Magic Mike XXL [boy culture]
TSA agent canned for groping ‘roughly a dozen’ attractive male passengers [queerty]
Wednesday RETRO REWIND: The Eurythemics ‘When Tomorrow Comes By’ [kenneth]

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