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!! OMG, LISTEN TO THIS: Victoria Beckham’s lost Hip-Hop single ‘That Dude’ from 2003 featuring The ODB !!

This we reported that Vikkeh Beckham has admitted that her mic was turned off 90 percent of the time while performing with the Spice Girls, which was shocking and hurtful. BUT this week, a HAWT AS FIYAH hip-hop track from 20013 that never saw the light of day has leaked and we are scratching our heads as to why this wasn’t a floor filler!? The scrapped 2003 album was titled Come Together. Thoughts, thots?

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!! OMG, if you want their future, forget their past? SPICE GIRLS to reunite for tour minus Posh’s pointing finger !!


If you were a young gaylene teen in the 90’s, then the SPICE GIRLS were your jam. Which is why as a grown 30-something year old man with a beard and a man-bun — this news should knock your socks off! The SPICE GULLS are reuiniting for a tour, minus that stuck up bitch Vicky B… (She ruins everything!)

“This will be one of the biggest pop reunions of all time,” said The Sun’s Spice source. “There is a huge demand for the Spice Girls to get back together, especially with the nostalgia around the two-decade anniversary of their first release next summer.”

Mel B flew into London last month to secretly agree the plan with the other three girls. They should each make more than ten million pounds from this,” they added.

The girls are reportedly in talks with tour promoters to reunite before the 20-year anniversary of “Wannabe” next year. There’s also no beef between Victoria and the others — though she declined to join the reunion tour, the door will remain open if she changes her mind.

“She is far too busy running her fashion brand and looking after her family to get back on a stage,” said the source. “She also feels that they left the stage on an amazing high with their Olympics performance and worries a reunion could tarnish their legacy.”

Vicky B has that Footballer money — and when 2 become 1, so does their cash — so she doesn’t really need to pout and point on tour for millions of dollars. I get it — but you better believe that I will be front row, center when this happens. My friends say I”m a Scary, but I’m so a Ginger, it’s like not even funny…

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!! OMG, that’s not Beyonce! First look at Neil Patrick Harris as Hegwig !!

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