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!! OMG, your scarf smells funny: For 28 days this artist knits with wool from inside her vagina !!

Continuing to uphold OMG Blog‘s standard of reporting quality news from around the world, I present to you a woman who knits with yarn from the inside of her vagina as performance art. This is taking that bespoke/artisanal shit to NEXT LEVEL!
Casey Jenkins is a craftivist (I assume that’s a combination of the word craft and activist) who is spending 28 days knitting from wool she’s shoved up inside her hoo-hoo. My favourite Casey quote from this whole thing is:

“When I’m menstruating it makes knitting a hell of a lot harder, because the wool is wet so you have to yank at it.”

(Sorry if you just spat out your cornflakes) Though seriously, do your thing Casey! People may h8 or think you’re nuts — I personally, don’t know if I’ll be buying a scarf or toque — but I think it’s great that you’re out there fighting the good fight and teaching people not to fear the vag! On another note, how do I get into craftivisim? Could I become a radical craftivist? A craftivist extremist? Paint with my dong or something? I’ll do whatever is necessary to change the world.

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