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!! OMG, LA gets an EARTHQUAKE: KTLA news anchors hide under their desks LIVE on air !!

Top of the mornin’ (6:25am) to ya! [towleroad]
Drake and Rihanna are officially no longer slutting it up, are exclusive with eachother [celebitchy]
Madge dresses up as the Khaleesi from Game Of Thrones [dlisted]
Someone get me the number of his surgeon: Jared Leto 1994-2014 looks exactly the same [socialite life]
The muses of YSL for Vogue Russia [ohlala]
Kristin Cavallari didn’t vaccinate her kids [popbytes]
Is Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps on his last legs? [boy culture]
YAY! Obamacare extends coverage to same-sex married couples in US [queerty]
Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Celebrity friendships you may never would have guess existed [unrealitymag]
Gold diggers, pack your bags! New York boasts most millionaires [joemygod]
Who lost their shirt for a free drink ticket for the cover of their local gay rag this week? [kenneth]
The Top 10 Dystopian films evarrr [celeb cafe]

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