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!! OMG, He Won’t Go Away: Reichen Lemkuhl !!

Surprise, surprise! Amercia’s Gayest Famewhore Reichen Lemkuhl– whom Frank once described to me as looking like “a big red sex baby”– is returning to television!
Reichen, you’ll recall, started his a career as a winner on The Amazing Race, dated Lance Bass at the height of his post-coming out fame, and has spent the last 5 or 7 years trying to elbow his way into the frame of every photograph in America. Now Michael Musto reports that the fabulous Logo network (aka the Gay Wedding Channel) is humoring Mr. Reichen by putting his big expressionless moonface on their gay Real Housewives knock-off, to be titled A-List New York.
Also cast on the show, Musto reports, are “Big City Video’s Mike Cruz, up-and-comer Jack Hazzan, and an interracial couple.” But will Reichen be the Bethenny or the Jill?
[La Daily Musto]

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!! OMG, He Speaks the Truth: Letterman calls Leno “Complete Boob” !!

Mister Phil McGraw was on David Letterman last night and asked Dave to give his true honest opinion about the Leno-O’Brien war of a few months back, and Dave didn’t hold back:

“I loved it. It was great fun,” Letterman said, delving into a squeaky Leno imitation. “I loved Jay summing things up, ‘Yeah, yeah, well [O’Brien and I] both got screwed.’ Wait a minute, Jay. You both got screwed and yet you’re the only one who ended up with a show. How did you get screwed exactly?”

McGraw said he thinks Leno got a “bum rap” for the criticism he has endured since reclaiming The Tonight Show.

“Believe me, he got everything he deserved,” Letterman said… “You can’t not love him. But then there’s also this other side of him where — and I think he would own up to it — he’s just a complete boob. He can’t help himself.”

If only Dave would give his opinion on Mister Phil next!
(TV Guide)

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!! OMG, How Elegant: Mrs. The Countess Luann De Lesseps releases her first single !!

Kah-dooz to Mrs. The Countess Luann De Lesseps! Never one to be outdone for crass self-promotion/humiliation, Mrs. the Countess has become the latest “Real Housewife” to release a shockingly bad dance single. It’s sure to start busting up the charts a la Kim Zolciak’s Tardy For the Party before you can say prostitution whore!
Shall we take a listen?

It’s called Elegance is Learned. How true! Little known fact: Mrs. The Countess majored in Elegance at the University of Phoenix! As to speculations about where she studied music, let’s just say that she makes Kim Zolciak sound like Edith Piaf…
(Via DListed)

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!! OMG, Tori Spelling needs a gay !!

Tori Spelling is getting a talk show and she needs a homosexual friend to be Jim J. Bullock to her Tammy Faye. Or, as the producers are putting it, Will to her Grace. Well if it’s the second, that should be easy: they just need to find a glassy-eyed fop with a smooth, shiny bump where his penis should be! Are u that someone?
Reports the LA Times:

ABC is creating a daytime talk show for Spelling and a co-host to be determined… The program, which is in the very early stages of development, would feature Spelling and a male co-host who would basically serve as Spelling’s best friend forever. The network is looking for a “Will & Grace” vibe between Spelling and her as-yet-undiscovered BFF.Who knows, maybe finding a co-host can be its own reality show for Spelling.

Who would have ever predicted that of all the 90210 kids, Donna would be the one who would go on to have an actual career? Poor Andrea Zuckerman must be so jealous right now!
[LA Times via Jezebel]

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!! OMG, How Judgey: The Real Housewives of New Jersey !!

The wig-wearing, bronzer-slathered gas-guzzling gutter skanks classy paragons of New Jersey virtue known as The Real Housewives of New Jersey have seen this Jersey Shore business and they would like you to know that they do not approve of Snooki and her ilk ruining their state’s sterling reputation!

“We shouldn’t be telling our kids, ‘You get drunk, make out in a hot tub, you get your own TV show,'” Dina Manzo told reporters Tuesday afternoon during a teleconference. Not one to stay silent, Teresa Giudice weighed in: “Does that really happen in the Jersey shore? Yes. … It’s not something I’d want my children to watch.”
Teresa, a mother of four young girls, added that — like Snooki, The Situation and the rest of the sexed-up Jersey Shore gang — she once had a sharehouse on the Shore, but she “never made out with a girl in a hot tub.”

Never mind the pot and the kettle– this is more like Heidi Fleiss calling Amy Fisher the prostitution whore! (The Jersey Housewives pick up the baton from the Bethenny, Jill, Ramona Alex and Mrs. The Countess on May 3.)

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